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A side
Orouni - The Incredible Shrinking Model
Elder Threat Block - The Perfume Conspiracy remix
MiLK & Fruit Juice - Air Hostess On A "F-Zero" Mission bitcrushed mix
Orouni trashed by Friday! Fried Egg! - Panic at the Beehive (Over-Time Groove Rémix)
Michael Wookey - Open It In May

B side
Hullo - A Greased & Golden Palm remix
Top Montagne - The Incredible Shrinking Model
Orouni - Open It In May feat. Mlie (July version)
Kawaii - The Only Pictures I've Got remix

This tape is released on MonsterK7.
It was given to the first 50 buyers of Jump Out The Window.
You can download it for free here.

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