Another studio band

Last Friday, we played with This Is The Kit + EliotE & the Ritournelles at L’Eclipse. The very last song of the night was a cover of a band named Pourpre. It’s actually a side project where all members of EliotE & the Ritournelles play, plus other muscians. The song is called Greedy Pigs and sounds really great. You can hear it on Pourpre’s MySpace. I think it’s a hit.

NB – On this song, they use a Polynesian ukulele that looks a little bit like this:

Polynesian ukulele

Oddity & Oracle

The wonderful label MonsterK7 organizes the Music For Toys festival next month. They launched a brand new site dedicated to the festival.

Music For Toys

You’ll hear toy pianos, melodicas, stylophones, and great acts such as Michael Wookey, Kawaii or Pequena Fiera.

Shows will take place on June 12th at Le Divan du Monde, June 13th at Le Monte en l’air, and June 14th at Le Glaz’art.

Music For Toys

MonsterK7 will also release a compilation based on toy instruments on May 15th. Stay tuned.