MiLK & Fruit Juice has an (excellent) album out and it’s called Nobody Listens To Silent People.

MiLK & Fruit Juice - Nobody Listens To Silent People

You can listen to some songs on his MySpace and that’s also where you can buy the record.

My favorite songs are Intend To Be Happy, A Soft Hand and Three Stones In My Shoes. I also love The Basement Of My Brain and How Was My Day. Hmmm, so hard to choose…

Stay tuned, because there might be concerts after the summer!

And so I quit the Police Department

I’m happy to announce that Orouni’s second album, Jump Out The Window, will be released on September 3rd on the extraordinary label MonsterK7.

The artwork has been designed by Natsko Seki:

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Panic At The Beehive *
2. A Story Of Ladder
3. A Greased & Golden Palm *
4. The Only Pictures I’ve Got
5. The Perfume Conspiracy **
6. The Moneylenders
7. Air Hostess On A Mission
8. Open It In May *
9. The Tyrant’s Yoke
10. Stomach Attack *

*: featuring Mlie
**: featuring Mina Tindle

A release party will take place on September 3rd at Le Motel in Paris. If you buy one of the first fifty copies of the album, you will get a tape (yes, a real cassette!) with unreleased tracks, covers and remixes by prestigious musicians.