I know her, she’s short haired, her breasts are small she looks like a boy
Though she’s not there, I see her everywhere

I know her, she’s made up, sometimes so much her eyes can’t see
Or don’t wanna see the loneliness in me

Now that I succeeded in recognizing you
Only by the sound of your steps
Maybe there’s no need for me to see you again
Your image forms itself so well

I know her but she does not really know me she just hangs around
If I were a flower, she would be my bee

Some mornings I find it hard to just open my eyes to put my lenses on
And some nights to hear songs

Did you know that for a week and all along the way
I could follow you on holiday?
My heart is a compass that always points to you
No matter where you are or what you do

‘Cause she tires me, she makes me understand she could dance all night
And so could I, but never at the same time

I don’t know how she is going to end up surely like the rest
In spite of the size of her chest