I’d like to know if you care
Take me back home if you dare
You don’t have time to write me a poem
Take me back home

Once we get there I want to
Spend enough time to know you
Do all the things
The normal people always do

I once knew many persons
I loved them like my own sons
And then they disappeared in the sun
From one day to another

Now they all live their own lives
With their husbands or wives
A dog in the garden
That they don’t consider any longer as a tragic burden

Don’t be attached don’t get too touched
Or you will suffer too much
There will be people passing by
But you will always feel like
An only child

And there once was a family
Expecting their first baby
When he was born the doctor said
I have to warn you

We found out that your child had
An incurable disease
Don’t hope too much
It’s only a matter of weeks please