I wanna have money, I wanna be rich
To pay attention to your every wish
Every day of the week
Everything you want, I will seek

I wanna have green for all of your time
They say it’s money I don’t have a dime
So provide me with something for all of my life
Or I’m getting famous all over town

I wanna have money to complete my record collection
Hundreds are missing

Would you feel sorry for all of your lines
Would you regret them like your crimes
Everybody’s waiting for you now
So please reconsider this endless vow

I wanna have money to take the plane
I wanna have money to see you again
Out on a trip on a dark country lane
Laughing out loud eating sugar cane

I wanna have money for Italian food
You know I’m always in the mood

I wanna have money for what you like
‘Cause picking up daisies that’s alright
But you never know what you might get
Sometimes the petals stop being wet

Once I have money, I’ll be bored
I’ll always be playing the same chord
So take me my coins, steal me my banknotes
Before I stop to feel my oats