In the old days of our new life,
You will be warm, you will be fine
With the same wrinkles on your hands
Making faces to your friends

Sometimes the wind will give you a chill
That’s because you don’t wear your scarf
When you wander on the hill
And run like a dwarf

Forgive me when I think of you
My right eye cries and my left one too
There’s a small sun that shines in my mind
There’s a big girl I cannot find

Someone in South America
Has lit nineteen candles for you
And you will hear them flicker
When we are through

Sleeping beneath this cherry tree
You dreamed it cherished you and me
And as we held each other’s hand
Some of our fingers were not tanned

You said “let’s make all these fruits mine”
For me it’s only a matter of time
I’ll wait for them to fall down
On this hard ground