You know I used to live with you before I was alone
The situation’s new I can never get you on the phone
But you’re not anybody you’re not confused by Cohen
You’re not confused by Cohen

You don’t know how much I hated this boat I know it wasn’t its fault
If I could I would have fought I wanted it to explode
Before you got on board ’cause I was stranded in the harbour
In the harbour

Thank you anyway for all the things you did
For treating me so well when I was a kid
I cannot focus on the good times in the past
I can only observe that they will not last

I didn’t sleep so well, my room was hot as hell
So I opened the window and came out of the shadow
A tiny butterfly, the type that comes out at night
That comes out at night

It was attracted by the light, but soon it was burnt and blind
It started to fly around taking me by surprise
And as we speak now it’s still agonizing on the ground
Still agonizing on the ground

She was my bulb I was her butterfly
She was my flower as I was flying around
I put my body way too close
When you go away that’s when it hurts the most

Now I can’t see either of you I couldn’t stand the view
You’re my worst enemy and my faithful horse and me
We’ll come to attack you on a cold and misty night
Prepare to feel fright

It’s crazy how when you lie on your bed you also lie to yourself
Until the moment you rise ’til you open your eyes
The world keeps going round so forget about your lies
Forget your lies