There’s a theory that says when a bottle of perfume is getting empty
It starts smelling like the corresponding scent of the opposite sex
So all the efforts made to forget or move on are totally ruined
(‘Cause) it reminds you of her or him and there’s another theory that says hi

I would really like to know the truth
But she was killed when she was young
And I’m so weary when I’ve got no proof
I hate when the dream’s too long

Every man has a databank with dimensions stored in great detail
Of every female human he’s met, but we still don’t know what that’s for
Some girls happen to burn their dinners out of joy
For they think too much of a boy and forget the frying pan

Once I bought a coat and then home, I found a phone number in my pocket
So I thought the saleswoman wanted to go on a date with me
But it was only someone who had reserved it and left a note in it
Still I was grinning a bit since I got the last one of this kind

In five years you’ll tell me what happened and in ten you’ll tell me why
You are all that I despise and I wish that you were dead