You spent so much time in the bathroom
That I was scared when you got out
I did not remember you were there I was elsewhere
You made me fall down from my chair

You rushed you hadn’t realised
I was home and to my surprise
You did not look at me you quickly went hiding
And soon I lost track of your being

So I began to wonder why
You were living inside my house
You never asked for authorization
And what’s more you’re not my spouse

Then you settled down in the kitchen
Where all my sweets and candies are
I thought that you were on a diet but you kept
On eating all that you could get

You were so annoying, you were so mean
That you made me negate my vows
I don’t know what you were told when you were young
It’s not something etiquette allows

Sunday we didn’t have food any more
So I put some cheese upon the floor
But you never ate it yeah you looked down on it
It got so rotten that it stank in all my flat
Then finally Friday I threw it all away

The morning after you were gone
I’ve never heard of you since then
I ignore where you’re from
I’m happy that you’ve come
Good riddance say hi to your mom