I always find it hard to go on with life when you go
So I went to the graveyard this morning, you know
Among the tombstones and the flowers I could feel a bit more home
But I didn’t expect to find a little bit more hope

There were guys demonstrating against the Danish soft d
I wish you understood me so I wrote this song in c
But I couldn’t find the proper chords to that tune
I play like I was blind so switch the light off in your room

You said the ravens sounded like fed up with everything
Stressing all of the people who were coming and going
To me they were more kidding, though it was pretty close
It didn’t really matter and maybe they were crows

I went to that place to be still near you when you go
You said you’d like to be burnt and I said I didn’t know
If you leave before me I will burn your body with my flames
And then I’ll kill myself there will be no stone with our names