And in the morning of your sighs
I should have whispered in your eyes
Should have made sure before the night
Nothing was blurry inside your sight

And if I said that you were right
It’s because we didn’t really fight
I was down you took me so high
Now I’m on a cloud in your sky

And I understood that I might
Be blinded by your shiny light
Or petrified or hypnotized
Or everything at the same time

We’ll spend a summer day you & I
Watching the sea and the boats go by
We’ll count the times I made you cry
And all the ones when I was too shy

Whenever I’m alone
I always have an eye on my phone
But when I’m no more on my own
I stop and watch you in your throne

I would like to be in July
To look at this bed where we lie
It’s going to be hard I may die
Waiting for the time when you come back