I’ve heard of a girl on a day with no school, she couldn’t see her lover
She woke up early and looked at the sky above her, she didn’t even find it cool

With her bag on her back, she walked down the street
She knew his address, she knew where he lived
Oh but grown-ups they don’t understand
She was caught by ladies whose love was dead

I know a guy, he lives in a phone booth from the money walkers give him
Even if his skin is still smooth, his bones are beginning to be dim

Once he was younger he dialed a number
Everyday at random, everyday faster
Now the cables are all in a knot
Some people would answer and some would not

I knew a girl, she was not pretty, except when she wanted
She knew how to make her body haunted, for boys she didn’t have pity

One day a guy cheated on her
Now she has all of her honor
This was the start of her lesbian pride
But I could never take her as bride