Do you want to participate
In some kind of experiment
We know that you are a student
You know we’re going to compensate
For any pain you might feel
And we will even get you a meal

We need your age your sex your name
Or just your e-mail that’s the same
The results will stay anonymous
And will be only used by us
We cannot tell you more
We don’t want to introduce a bias

So tell me when you’re free my friend
And I will give you place and time
For you to come down and try
Our little test until the end
We look forward to this moment
You in our great experiment

So I participated in this
And I must admit that it hurts
To have electrodes in your brain
Assessing the threshold of pain
More and more current in the wire
And the pain gets higher and higher

I wanted money to save my life
They gave me cash and fork and knife
They needed me I needed them
I began to come quite often
Oh now I get up at six in the morning
And I’m more wounded in the evening

I don’t know if I can go on like that
Still I’m young and not too fat
Every day’s like a giant stab
Coming from that place down in the lab
Time will tell if I was wrong
And I should know before too long

Oh we’re so sorry that you died
You must have been too weak inside
We’ll mention that in the report
Maybe we will or maybe not
We hope we’ll have a good mark
Hope you’re feeling well in the dark