In transit on the other side of the world you thought you heard your mother tongue
Why do all these travelling people say words that sound like what you learned when you were young?
A tired brain wants a small stress dose. It takes what it perceives for something it already knows

Dear volcano please now won’t you be kind and let me take the flight that I want
I can see the dark thick smoke that you blow as it is thwarting all my plans to move on
Are you really that mad at planes? Is it only anger that is running through your veins?

And why is it that you make me wait? Why can’t you find a way to take revenge on
These shiny crazy bankers who tore your country down without a big eruption involving everyone?

If Adelaide was half an hour behind the rest, then how long would it take
For you to realise that you’ve got some more time to spend in bed before you awake?
Museum gates do open at ten, you’d better be more careful for it will happen again