Did you really lose your father in the fire? You are young and willing to admire
The wonders of the world and bring their spirit back to your own home, now the first big goal is Rome

After you got introduced to Queen Louise, she commissioned you, with a pretty please,
Karl won’t you redecorate the bedroom of my dreams? You responded very well it seems

And who said that you’d imitate the Phases Of The Day? You only tried to do this work your way
Acquainted with the family that led you to a kingly destiny

Backdrops and paintings for The Magic Flute, which you thought was made against the brute
Were successful in the way their colours play with the light, when the blazing star comes out at night

What if they built unexecuted plans? Would you lose your mind, would you do it again?
This palace on the coast of the Black Sea is a deadborn reverie no one will ever see

Choosing a seahorse and a dolphin, an adult no more an orphan
On the bridge you took the city one step further with your sculptures of goddesses and freedom fighters