Did you try to buy some dried fruits? The muslim neighbourhood
Offers you pastries with no flies, they’re pushed away by makeshift fans
Of motors and wires. The grottoes look down on us
Up on their sixteen centuries carvings are filled with memories
Of the Northern silk road

So what about preserving harmony, heavenly purity
The palace of gathering elegance (or excellence), climbing up the mountain
Of embracing beauty? Beside the lion grove
Misled by multicoloured panes, Alice is lost within the maze
And its hollow white windows

Now they’re really doing their best for each nation’s with all the rest
A joint pavilion, not forty tents, still many pictures of presidents
It might be their only brands
Better city, better life, the community has turned on the lights
A continent where darkness is rife but it’s the best mood on this bank
It’s good to see folks that are frank