If Satan hadn’t had a crush on this young herdess
He would have never had to turn her into stone
And since the girl he saw there looked just like a goddess
He got so loony he now needs to live alone

On the road you’ll see a dog’s head
A red bishop or a bear
There will be all kinds of goosebumps for your hair

Forget the whale for the cursed one is the monk seal
They used to tear up many fishnets with their teeth
When guns were drawn they couldn’t cope with the ordeal
A zillion died, few started heading East

They were thrown out of their caves
Often with a hand grenade
Like Gargalo back in 1968

But it’s nothing like the osprey
Who could only survive here
While on terra firma they had disappeared

Oh things are different now the terror is the mayor
And if you want it there’s an opening every day
In churches boats are cut in pieces hung in the air
You’ll choose your cupcakes with a great view on the bay