If it’s not the cornice it’s the door handle, if it’s not the handle it’s the bear or the viking and spiders, grimacing creatures
Take the train and go, go to Hanko and its green casino but you won’t be able to gamble on the archipelago

Eat sesame perch in a pinkish school and drink some draft in a bank that’s cool, look if you can see the former pharmacy
If you’re looking for the Senate then you’d better not look for it there, not on Senate Square
Alphabet and decoration make it easy to think you got two trips for the price of one

Seven-league boots, a pocket watch and a giant pretzel in open air are the signs that common sense has resigned
What if a grown up dragonfly was not as calm as a young ladybug? It can hover, go sideways and fly backwards
The water tower, painted red, looks like a rocket. A mother, from a beach hut, sees the sea carousel
And a century ago boyars used to come all the way here to spend their sunny days
If you really want to pamper the composer, please, with your regards, send wild geese and cigars