Mr Baby wants to see you face to face
He’s one of the best in the human race
You place him in lethal danger now with what you ask
That’s not the simplest task

He sits behind the steering wheel of his red car
So that she can see him coming from afar
But no, don’t be too scared by his wicked ways
For he’s had some worse days

When he said “how many months?” you said it was three
But it was four in reality, he wasn’t happy (he was angry)
Well that’s another man’s job
Don’t move, don’t move at all, no don’t shake your belly
When your friend got back to the room, you (we)re sleepin’ on your tummy, it was empty
But that’s another story

Mr Baby likes to give some good advice
In case you want to do this operation twice
Don’t cut the fetus into pieces and don’t throw it away
You’d spend the entire day

Bury the dead body, even in a box
And it’s gonna end up dug up by the dogs
Don’t forget the only decent method is the garbage chute
Cut the evil by the root

You think that he’s only in for the cash
You worry ’cause you gave some for the room
So you begin sinking into gloom
You don’t have enough

Looks as if he would like something else
He says ladies with whom shall we start
Now he bothers your friend with his dart
Soon it’s for yourself