I fear that you may
Freak out every day
Or break down and cry
Without me understanding why

Don’t know if we should act
Or keep what we have intact
‘Cause I know you too well
I caught you the day that you fell

Oh let’s do this anyway
We can always stop it someday
But when I hear you I just can’t help myself
You’re sweeter than an empty shelf

Your eyes are so blue
That even when both
Of your eyelids are closed
You can see the color shining through

They say a waterpipe
Is as harmful as thirty
Cigarettes, well I’m sorry
But that is really what you smell like

Oh she’s starting to lose
Her mind and I’m drin
King booze all the time
And we’ve got the blues

But if she stays idle
That’s because I’m dull
And I think she’s dumb
But she says I’m deaf

I’m boring to death
Yeah she’s the one
Who dyes
Her hair

And she happens to
Feel sorry too
For things that she didn’t really do