This is gonna be the first time
And this is gonna be the last time
Does anybody know we feel blue
We’re suffering in silence and we count on you

To save us from delusion and crime too
Take us from the slope we’re on
Before the love of life we had inside is gone

Thinkers here and thinkers there
Claim that he’s not everywhere
I wonder if he sees hope
Every time he kneels before the Pope

And love is in the air but he will choke
When you tell him that it’s time
To settle down a bit and admit he’s not a child

War is getting deeper I think, now your little life’s on the brink
From the bottom of our heart we thank you, though we’ve got some others in queue
And waiting for the day you return, we’ve got packs of candles to burn
The more you do the more you earn

Though you’re not from the right place
You badly need to set the right pace
We know that you made no promise
But you’ve got to be deceiving or you will miss

And if he looks suspicious blow him a kiss
Your dancing days are gone so please
Put yourself at ease for you’ll have to sing for him