Baby, you don’t know where I stand, I’ll check with you when we can
Maybe we’ll find that we agree and you feel the same as me

If your head is filled with awful things to say, shut your mouth in April, open it in May
If you want to wait a little longer then, put it off once more, close your eyes again

I’m shaking, I can’t stand the noise you’re making, your smell gives me nausea
You’re aching to be a few inches taller, the next time that you see her

Open the door, so I can spit on the floor, my hands tied together, but I don’t mind
Not any more will my throat be that sore, there’s blood on my fingers, now I’m not kind

If you want to bust a bum behind his back, please try and do it while he’s having a snack
If you want to boost the grades that you get, know that you can reach more than a hundred percent

Get up and go, I think you lost it, get up and go
There’s people who know how you can fake it, there’s people who know

If you feel a bit dizzy when you see young teens, you can’t help it that is written in your genes
Now don’t you feel guilty, you know what it means if there is a semen stain on your jeans