Jumping off the fifth floor of the state-of-the-art plant
He had left a note of all the threats that they had planned
“The pace has gotten faster now it’s six instead of three
If that sounds too large we need a small talk you and me
‘Cause we’re working so hard yes we’re working so hard
Still we’re so many miles behind”

On the very morning of his self-destruction move
She said “Why don’t we go and see someone who could improve
Your state that is getting worse and worse, you lost ten pounds”
“How could they all let that happen? Now I make the rounds
But he’ll never come back no he’ll never come back
I’ve got to struggle down the line”

Hey but we used to eat together, now they just smoke alone or
Always wait outside in the corner of the backyard, no single playing card.
Hey but we used to feel much better, now we are on our own,
The pressure has increased but our speed has reached a peak, now we die once a week.

In spite of what they say there was no rumour of divorce
Other than this strain no there was nothing that could force
Him to do such thing before the eyes of his workmates
The supervisor, his boss and the sad bitch that he dates
But we have to go on yeah we have to go on
You shouldn’t let this bring you down