Oh I’ve got no clue what I wanna do when I grow up
Is it sailor or clerk, is it clear or dark
My ambitions are not well defined
When I think of what I could be

That’s too easy, dissect bodies, defy gravity
Doublespeak, draw a chart
Know laws by heart

If I was a good girl, my life would be cooler
Oh then it wouldn’t feel like a chore
I wish I was the pearl that everybody thinks of
I’d have other things to worry for

For some it’s their breasts or their knees, it’s their nose or their hair
No it’s guilt or shame or anxious despair
But it’s always some part of yourself
And I know there’s a way I

Could feel loved and important if my stomach was flat
Then I’d show much more charm
I’d be safe from harm

So one day when I’m thin, I’ll accept my body
And I swear that I’ll be done with food
No more biscuits or cheese, no more pies I promise
I’ll forget all their flavours for good

Do I need to work out or get waxed or facelifted and starve?
Be a sculpture that shallow pressure would carve
I don’t wanna be good any more
And all these pledges are meant

To slowly kill me, or maybe quickly, but that’s what it takes
To be hailed as a saint
They’re all dying to faint

So let’s not try and mend what has never been broken
I believe that it’s there to be seen
And I’m too tired now to be more outspoken
We all know this could get more obscene