Sometimes I get you wrong
For the things that I expect
Are taking way too long
Though our affinities are checked

An eternity awaits and
Every time that you’re leaving
I’ll always look at you waving
One of the facts I know for sure
Is I’m really insane but you’re
Sailing on a deep sea of a dangerous kind
It is odd but I wonder what it’s like

And there’s a big black zone
Whose boundaries are so tight
That no one ever knows
What’s coming ’bout inside

So could you shed a light on
The armies that you fought ’cause
The only pictures I’ve got are
Tiny pieces from long ago
It doesn’t mean that you didn’t grow
Yet we live in a town where the past survives
It’s a part that we could not pacify

But if you built an armor
And acted like a knight
When you’re at the beauty parlor
You’d lose all sense of sight