Parque Trianon

High above the seventh sky, in the South of the new world
There’s a place that’s full of life and of butterflies
There’s a place where shapes amaze and colours whirl
When the sun has decided to share its light

It’s an infinite set of lanes that press on every side
So you don’t know where to go nor where to start
Though you never were attacked by surprise
It’s the beauty that tore your eyes apart

Facing glass and red concrete lies a little rest
Of what used to be a piece of Atlantic Forest
A revolutionary hero joined the party
Now the garden is welcoming but arty

Well beyond the Roman sea, somewhere in Turkey
A boy once dreamed of your country, and not Kentucky
There in discos he was forced to hide the truth
But Salvador is a town that’s nice and smooth

Fact And Fiction

Jumped off the plane and got some bills in a dark booth. To deal with the country, you’ll have to drink some real strong booze
Or feel from the inside – then there ain’t no time to lose
The first thing you do is you go to the museum, there you meet a man, he says wherever you are from
We are brothers you’re my friend, suspicion has to end, let me walk around with you, and now we’ll go where you want to

Tell the lambs from the lions, go to where you’re free from harm
Get away from the lights and tell me what is going on… I think someone is waiting for you

The next thing you do is you go down to the harbour, remember that here, it’s not as bad as in Jo’burg, now the boy what did he say?
He knows our nation so well for he’s once been to Marseille
You need kola nuts, he wants 5000 francs for them, it’s out of the question so now you need to bargain
Till he gets really upset. “I wanna take you to your hotel”, but it’s outrageous again, hop on a cheap city bus instead

You stand at the crossroads, wait for the taxi, it needs to be fixed and it’s everything but fancy
Here comes a school teacher: If you don’t believe me here is my picture and ID. Why don’t you come tomorrow? We’ll drink mint tea
Back to the capital, run through the market, I don’t want a necklace, nor do I want a carpet
But where’s what you promised? I think this time you missed, here papers don’t mean a thing, of course you can call the police

Wild Geese And Cigars

If it’s not the cornice it’s the door handle, if it’s not the handle it’s the bear or the viking and spiders, grimacing creatures
Take the train and go, go to Hanko and its green casino but you won’t be able to gamble on the archipelago

Eat sesame perch in a pinkish school and drink some draft in a bank that’s cool, look if you can see the former pharmacy
If you’re looking for the Senate then you’d better not look for it there, not on Senate Square
Alphabet and decoration make it easy to think you got two trips for the price of one

Seven-league boots, a pocket watch and a giant pretzel in open air are the signs that common sense has resigned
What if a grown up dragonfly was not as calm as a young ladybug? It can hover, go sideways and fly backwards
The water tower, painted red, looks like a rocket. A mother, from a beach hut, sees the sea carousel
And a century ago boyars used to come all the way here to spend their sunny days
If you really want to pamper the composer, please, with your regards, send wild geese and cigars

In The Service Of Beauty

Did you really lose your father in the fire? You are young and willing to admire
The wonders of the world and bring their spirit back to your own home, now the first big goal is Rome

After you got introduced to Queen Louise, she commissioned you, with a pretty please,
Karl won’t you redecorate the bedroom of my dreams? You responded very well it seems

And who said that you’d imitate the Phases Of The Day? You only tried to do this work your way
Acquainted with the family that led you to a kingly destiny

Backdrops and paintings for The Magic Flute, which you thought was made against the brute
Were successful in the way their colours play with the light, when the blazing star comes out at night

What if they built unexecuted plans? Would you lose your mind, would you do it again?
This palace on the coast of the Black Sea is a deadborn reverie no one will ever see

Choosing a seahorse and a dolphin, an adult no more an orphan
On the bridge you took the city one step further with your sculptures of goddesses and freedom fighters