2012 songs

The Limes published a playlist of songs we enjoyed in 2012. I put my favourite ones, but which were only released this year.

Here are some other songs I liked this year. It starts with songs from 2012 and then goes back in time.

To finish with, I discovered awesome songs in films I saw this year, and made a playlist with them:

The Three Degrees – Everybody gets to go to the moon (The French connection)
Franklin Boukaka – Le Bûcheron (Viva Riva!)
Mina – Eclisse Twist (L’Eclisse)
Elizete Cardoso – Manha do Carnaval (Orfeu Negro)
Duran Duran – The Chauffeur (Laurence anyways)
Violeta Parra – Volver a los Diecisiete (Violeta)
Ketty Lester – Love Letters (Cogan)
Karen O – Strange Love (Frankenweenie)

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