First gig

Orouni is going to give a concert at the Studenthouse on April 30th, for the Way Up North festival. I’m sorry because the first site is in Danish, and the other is under construction. But this is crazy anyway. It needs some rehearsal !

6 thoughts on “First gig”

  1. Congratulations Rémi!!!!….I’m extremely happy that you are playing at the Student House…it will be great!!!….I can’t wait for this concert!!!!…and I think it will be one of the first time that I’ll be very very happy to pay for that…can you guess why?;-)…your songs are AMAZING!!!….
    Enjoy so much these holidays with your girlfriend!!!…and I see you on Monday!!!…lots of kisses!!!!….muuua!!!!

  2. Are you from Denmark, or…? Well anyway, I just heard your mp3’s and I was blown away! I’m really looking forward to the show. Let me know if you got a demo or anything else. Best wishes

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