We are used to saying “no news is good news”, but honestly, this is rarely the case.

“No News Is Bad News”, a song off our Partitions LP, features its narrator’s ever-shifting emotions. Initially peaceful and happy, he becomes worried, even paranoid, before returning to a calmer state. Halfway through the song, with no news from his loved one, he imagines the worst case, and wrongly so. This back-and-forth is illustrated by an alternation between sunny shots of the northern Corsican coast (Cap Corse) and night shots of Paris, often captured from within the Parisian open-air metro. A new love can be as exciting as going on vacation to the Isle of Beauty, and its loss as depressing as returning to a grey Paris.

The images were filmed by Orouni and edited by Justine Emard. The melody from the song’s calmer part came to Orouni whilst watching a thriller in a movie theater. The mood of its central part was inspired by Ethiopian jazz scales. The lyrics and musical structure merge into the greater concept of Partitions, a record which represents the separation between reality and perception through text, and the dissociation between different parts of songs, stripped of their usual verse / chorus system.