Prendre de la hauteur

“Aloysius (strings)” and its new video were shared by several media, after having been premiered by Magic:

Phenix webzine
Music Alive
York calling

Canal B

Dj Minoo happy New year “01/2021 with love by Françoiz Breut
Orchestral Arrangements by Music Dances When You Sleep
Strings by Boy in the rain
Calming acoustic by Kev Rowe
Instrumental Violin by The Trouble Notes
Neoclassical Shuffle by Sun Rose Early
Film music by Bad Architect records
Instrumental + Chill by Dimitris Efthimioy
360°: The Best Indie Music: Updated Daily by Eric Alper
Claire De Lune by Mariana Peña
Classical Music | Writing & Study by Raighes Factory
Healthy Baby Brain – High Information Music to Develop Perfect Pitch in Children by Phil Larson