Way Down South

So relieved ! The concert is over. I heard it was not too bad. The hardest part was maybe at the soundcheck, when for the first time in my life I had to sing in English in front of several people. And I was the only non Danish-speaking band ! It is quite impressive to give one’s first concert, but anyway I was blinded by the spotlights so I couldn’t see the audience, although I could hear them ;) The funniest part was after the concert, when this Polish guy congratulated me but complained about the joke on the death of the Pope. Well I didn’t intend to hurt anybody… next time I have to think more about my jokes… It’s also funny how you can make friends when you’re a singer. Maybe I should go on … to win more friends ! But everybody seems to have known you for years. Some have, but some haven’t. I don’t know what to think about it. I can’t help being cynical.

4 thoughts on “Way Down South”

  1. yesss…..the concert was amazing!!! so sweet!!! and the brilliant comments from Remi were very funny, specially the one dedicated to the subjects for biomedical experiments!!…great!!!, everybody was laughing!!….and I’ll be very very proud of organizing the fan Rémi club!!!:-)

    …but what about the people that haven’t known you for a long time?…I’m very disappointed with that comment Rémi….;-)….of course, I consider you as a really good friend…is it wrong???

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