A hustle here and a hustle there

In my constant quest to support the gay and lesbian community, I took part in this TV show called Gaytare Voix. To watch it, go to the Public G website, choose Emissions, then Gaytare Voix, then Les Diffusions, and then Gaytare Voix avec Orouni.

I didn’t really know what to say when I was interviewed, I forgot lyrics when I sang Open It In May, played wrong chords on Kiss The Flower, but fortunately, the show was led by Adrien Viot, a nice fellow.

Please watch the show if you want to have fun

3 thoughts on “A hustle here and a hustle there”

  1. héhé merci pour la publicité. c’est marrant ce concept d’émission je trouve, le fait qu’ils viennent te voir chez toi. dommage que ça soit aussi cheap niveau réalisation par contre..

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