Press recap:
– In Jean-Baptiste’s top albums of 2019 for Addict-Culture.
– #21 in The man of Rennes‘ top albums of 2019!
– #16 in Les Oreilles Curieuses‘ top albums.
– #15 in Emmanuel Delaplanche‘s best albums.
– #4 in Yvan Shintu’s top albums of 2019 for A Decouvrir Absolument.
– #2 in Punk Ryden‘s top albums.
– In Emmanuel Dosda‘s best albums.
– One of the “Platten des Jahres 2019” in Oliver Peel‘s year-end list.
– In Johannes Bourdon‘s (Petit Bain) best albums.
– In Magic‘s 2019 playlist.
– In Ferarock‘s most played albums.
– Thank you PhenixWebzine.
– “Son Of Mystery” appears among I Left Without My Hat‘s top songs of 2019.

We’ve been recording and mixing new stuff