Serious ?

Après la visite de l’exposition Martin Parr, il a été décidé que le noir et blanc, il n’y a que ça de vrai. Voilà un petit exemple, pris dans le seizième arrondissement, s’il vous plaît. C’est là que je prospecte pour mon futur studio, et oui qu’est-ce que vous voulez. On dirait qu’une méduse s’est échouée par terre.

Way Down South

So relieved ! The concert is over. I heard it was not too bad. The hardest part was maybe at the soundcheck, when for the first time in my life I had to sing in English in front of several people. And I was the only non Danish-speaking band ! It is quite impressive to give one’s first concert, but anyway I was blinded by the spotlights so I couldn’t see the audience, although I could hear them ;) The funniest part was after the concert, when this Polish guy congratulated me but complained about the joke on the death of the Pope. Well I didn’t intend to hurt anybody… next time I have to think more about my jokes… It’s also funny how you can make friends when you’re a singer. Maybe I should go on … to win more friends ! But everybody seems to have known you for years. Some have, but some haven’t. I don’t know what to think about it. I can’t help being cynical.

Too much of coincidence kills the coincidence

This is very funny. Once I read an interview of Elliott Smith, where the journalist said he sounded like Nick Drake. At that time, I didn’t know Nick Drake, and neither did Elliott Smith. I don’t know if the journalist felt ridiculous, because usually when you say that somebody sounds like somebody else, the purpose is to determine influences and so on. So as I liked this concept of being influenced by somebody you’ve never heard of or simply never heard, when the Studenthouse asked me to give a small biography for the festival, I wrote among other things “Some say it sounds like Belle & Sebastian, some say Leonard Cohen (…). Some talk about names that the singer has never heard of”. I sent this to the person in charge of the bands, and he replied me that he found Orouni sounds like Syd Barrett!!! I can’t say that I’ve never heard of him or never heard him, of course I love songs like See Emily Play, Arnold Layne, or Flaming Lips that he wrote when he was still in Pink Floyd, but this is definitely not an influence, sorry Thom and Yod :)

So tonight I’m listening to The Madcap Laughs, his solo album, to check what I(t) sound(s) like.